August 20, 2016

This past week I finished Amazonian Battles 3 (AB3). It took a total of 18 days and the goal was to complete it in 17 days or less but there was a one day delay in finishing it when I discovered a few bugs that had to be removed. Overall I am happy with how quickly AB3 was created. I also added two new opponents for players to face (a Wolf Spider and a Zombie) and there are a total of 20 combat encounters the players must survive in order to win the game but I laid the combat encounters out in such a way so that players will have to use strategy to keep from facing too many opponents at once.

This next upcoming week I will set two goals. First is to submit AB3 to all the app stores and the second is to update this web site showing the new Amazonian Battles series of games I have created. The web site update is long overdue and I am looking forward to finally having the time to do it.

After that there are a few other goals I would like to accomplish this month (August 2016) including finishing an HTML5 point and click game (or some other HTML5 game) as well as investigating the possibility of releasing the Amazonian Battles series of games on other platforms in addition to Android.


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