March 21, 2020

Just like last week this weeks update is being posted one day early.

Last week I done a good amount of work to port all the assets for Blobs and Sheep (my next game) into the new tool and then created the game framework to run the game. I then done a more intensive test and realized while the game would run on Canvas2D it was very slow. So slow in fact that it would have made the game very boring. As a result I abandoned that tool for creating HMTL5 content (which makes a total of two tools I have abandoned because they either would not run on Canvas2d or because they run very slowly on Canvas2D).

On the bright side I did find another tool that will not only run on Canvas2D but will also run fast on it (at least fast for a non-hardware accelerated tool) The only drawback is that the tool is currently being created (though it has a dedicated individual creating it seemingly full time who has done a lot of quick quality work on previous versions of the same tool ). I do not want to use a previous version of the tool because support for the previous version will cease when the latest version is released and there is a lot that will change in the new version of the tool making it incompatible with older versions of the tool.

At this point in time that puts me in a waiting pattern until the new tool is released (which I hope will be within three months but no promises). Until I come out of this waiting pattern I will probably only post once a month on this website because there will be a major lack of news to report.


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