January 15, 2017

This past week I done some more work on a previous game I started (called Gem Collector). I completed creating a save system that will keep track of when levels are completed. There are two big things and several smaller things that need to be completed before Gem Collector is finished. The two big things are firstly to rework the entire movement system to remove a bug and secondly to make the game run on a TV.

I also took a long look at what it takes to create games for the new platform and discovered that it is not an easy task to create games for. I acquired the needed tools and started a small game for it but this game is something that will take some time (mainly because I am having to learn how to use the new tools) and thus I have relegated it to a secondary goal to work on as time allows. The progress I have made on it thus far is to create the cover, a background and provide a range of characters (a warrior, sneak, archer and normal regular human) for the player to choose from when playing the game.

I have continued evaluating third party game engines. I have decided to choose one (001 GAME CREATOR) and create a very small game to see if I can use it to create EYE OF THE BEHOLDER types of games).

Next week I hope to do at least a little work on Gem Collector as well as continue work on the game for the new platform. The DLC for 001 GAME CREATOR which allows me to create games similar to EYE OF THE BEHOLDER is due out soon so I might spend some time on that as well.


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