May 5, 2024

I am currently busy on several different fronts.

The first front is changing careers. I have always wanted to do penetration testing for a full time job but never got a chance to so. I have been improving my penetration skills in preperation to enter that area as a second career after I retire early from my first career.

The second front is to start running table top Role Playing Games again. I have over 25 years experience in this area but I had to put it on hold when I entered my first career (the hours required for my first career did not leave enough time to pursue gaming). I have been working on my own RPG for awhile and hope to start playtesting it in the near future. In addition to my RPG I have also considered running a few RPGs created by others. Either way I am looking forward to starting this area back up after I retire from my first career.

The third front is creating digital games that would appear on this website and get published in various app stores. The first two fronts have taken up so much of my time that I have made very little progress on the third front recently. I am goint to see what I can do to alter this but until I finish changing careers to something that I do not work 50+ hours a week it is going to be hard to come up with the needed time do work on the third front. I am still determined to get some work done on the third front.


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