February 19, 2017

There was only goal that I set for myself to accomplish this past week and that was to finish Gem Collector. I succeeded in accomplishing that goal and Gem Collector makes the third game I have finished this year . I previously decided to divide Gem Collector into 6 sections with 24 levels per section. After the first section was completed I would launch the game and add additional sections (with each new section containing 24 new levels) in the future as they were completed. I have also decided to try a new pricing strategy which is to offer Gem Collector as a cheap paid app ($1.00) when it is first released and then increase the price each time a new section is added to the game. This way people who purchase the game early will get a better deal then those waiting until later because the game will automatically update itself each time a new section is added. Section 2 of Gem Collector is currently scheduled to be released in May 2017. I have included a screenshot of Gem Collector at the end of this post but the screenshot is not to scale.

My first goal next week will be to release Gem Collector in the app stores. As a second goal I am considering trying a third experiment with GAME GURU to try out the new build-in building creator to see if I can make a game much smaller in file size then the previous two GAME GURU experiments. As the second goal I am also considering doing another battle game or experiment with several other game engines. I guess you could say the second goal will be to start either another experiment or game.

Gem Collector Screenshot 1


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