December 3, 2016

And to start this weeks update in the normal fashion I will first reveal if I succeeded at accomplishing the goals set last week. The first goal was to update The Collector in all the app stores. That goal was accomplished. The second goal was to finish the first 12 rooms (levels) of Gem Collector. Not only was that goal accomplished but I also done some more work on other components of Gem Collector. Last week was a very productive week.

This week I will only set one goal. The goal will be to complete the second 12 rooms (levels) for Gem Collector which will finish all the rooms planned for section one. I would set a second goal but there are no big projects that need to be completed in addition to finishing Gem Collector.

As a side note I am wanting to do another game in the Amazonian Battles game would be a little different then the previous ones in that I would make all the models larger and split the battle out over several levels instead of having the entire battle occur on the same level. As an alternative I am also considering creating another battle game similar to Jason

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