April 15, 2018

I thought I would give a quick update on progress thus far.

I have created most of a small dungeon for a very short game (you can see a screenshot below). The dungeon has a total of eleven rooms in it (and many connecting corridors) and I could make a short game out of it right now. It was created to be used with a first person shooter (PFS) and if you look closely at the bottom of the torch you can see the crosshairs for aiming the weapon. Remember the dungeon still needs to be modified for lighting and needs small details added (the screenshot below is not the final version of the game).

I am debating what type of a game to turn the FPS game into. I am considering a series of short non-connected missions with each mission designed to be completed in less then an hour. More missions would be added over time. The idea is to provide players with a series of short games they could play for a short burst of entertainment. Eventually players could combine several of the missions together for a longer game if wanted.

As an alternative I could release each mission as a short standalone micro-game with further missions being additional short standalone micro-games in the future. The series would have a common name or identification to help people understand that all the games are connected. Either way I plan on making this series of games available for free.

Screenshot of new First Person Shooter in progress


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