February 23, 2020

This past week was an excellent week in regards to completing my next game (still named Take Em Out). All the remaining levels were completed and several bugs were fixed as well. In addition to these I made some changes to the GUI (Graphic User Interface) to make it easier to play the game. The only thing left to do now is to finish acquiring the remaining game assets (game music and sound effects). In all probability the game will be completed this month (February 2020) but might not get launched until next month (March 2020).

I am reconsidering creating a new website because that would take a lot of time which would be more productive if spent on making games. As a result I may just stick with continuing to update the current website for now.

I hope to create and release at least 4 HTML5 games in 2020. That being said I already have an idea as to the theme of the next game I plan on creating.


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