January 21, 2018

This past week I finished the final five maps (levels) of My Cabin in the Woods (I still do not have a new name for it). The levels were two outdoor levels and three dungeon levels. That completes phase one in the development of My Cabin in the Woods . The second phase will be to create the entities (items, opponents, traps, treasures, etc…) and phase three will be to actually stock the maps with the entities. Since I am using a new game engine for My Cabin in the Woods (Smile Game Builder located at it might take me awhile to get the balance of power correct (to not make the game too hard or too easy). My Cabin in the Woods is defiantly turning out to be a bigger game then originally expected.

Next week will obviously be spent on creating entities for My Cabin in the Woods. I do not know if I will get all the entities created or not but I will try.


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