October 23, 2016

This past week I had two main goals. The first was to publish Amulet Recovery on as many HTML5 web portals as possible. This goal was completed. I was surprised how quickly and easily it was to publish it. Some of the web portals were not interested in the game and I still have a portal or two left but overall it was quicker then submitting an app to the various app stores.

The second goal was to do as much work on another game (currently called The Collector) as possible. As of last weeks update The Collector was about 25% finished and this week it is about %75 completed. I am happy with the progress made on The Collector this past week.

Next week I will try to do a small update to the web site (nothing big, just a few minor changes) and do more work on The Collector. It would be great if I could finish The Collector but I am not sure if that will happen next week or not. I also would like to experiment with another game engine I have been watching for awhile to make a short HTML5 RPG.


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