March 26, 2017

I will keep the update for this week short. To start off I will inform you that I worked my day off at my full time job this past week so I put in between 50 to 55 hours at work. That will let you know why I achieved so few of my goals I set last week.

My first goal was to promote AMULET RECOVERY which I totally failed at. My second goal was to do some work on section two of GEM COLLECTOR which I done very little on. There was just no time for work on games this past week.

Next week I hope to create at least the first 10 levels of section 2 for GEM COLLECTOR. Due to how the deadline for creating and releasing section 2 for GEM COLLECTOR (May 2017) is approaching I will make this goal one. Goal two will be to promote AMULET RECOVERY. I will be happy if I get these two goals accomplished.


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